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Michael Ortiz Hill




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Michael & Augustine


Several years ago my study of dreams brought me to write about the situation of racism in America. I was compelled by the idea that African-American dreams could be most deeply understood from the wisdom tradition at the source, and so I began exploring the African origins of black American culture. Eventually I went to Africa and met the Bantu healer Mandaza Kandemwa in Zimbabwe.

To our surprise, as Mandaza initiated me into the medicine tradition of his people, a mystery began to open up between us. I call this mystery "gathering in the names” to offer a twist of sweet plurality to Christ’s insight: wherever two or more are gathered in the name of the sacred, spirit descends,  awakens.

With an ancient way of peacemaking (Gathering in the Names) and an altogether contemporary way of wisdom (Overcoming Terrorism: A Twelve Step Approach) we hope to gather with you here for the sake of healing an anguished world.

— Michael Ortiz Hill

Michael and Deena  


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